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Moreen Helm, a 55-year-old divorcee from Orange County, Florida, takes eight the hard way-that’s in her ass-for her debut. Moreen is a mother of three grown children. She’s in addition a webcam model who decided to take the next step and took it with us.

“I’ve owned an auto detailing business,” Moreen said. “I’ve worked in child care. I’ve been married and divorced four times. Currently I am trying this! I am extremely sexual, therefore I suppose I’m gonna like it.”

Turned out Moreen loved it, and her moans of pleasure might be heard throughout the building, especially after James slid his dick into her well-lubed asshole. She additionally enjoyed it when James shot his sperm all over her face.

“I love sex. I very like cum. I like stinky hole sex,” she said. “I love men. I prefer to fuck them.”

Which is why she should probably simply fuck them, not marry them. Who wants the hassle?

“I’m a swinger,” Moreen said. “I mostly prefer to see and play with myself, though sometimes if it’s somewhat group, like 2 or 3 couples, I’ll jump in. I very prefer to play with my chest and my muff. I extremely like to kiss a man while he is fucking me.”

As for ass hole sex, she said, “I love the feeling of being filled up. Stick your dick in my well-lubed ass and I’ll beg for extra.”

There’s no reason to beg, Moreen. Simply ask. You don’t even have to ask nicely.

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